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Archive for 'Origami'

Printable patterns

Pretty printable paper designs from Margit, who suggests printing them onto cardboard and making boxes out of them, but I think they would also work well for origami. You can’t go wrong with a cherry blossom design! [via CraftyPod]

Origami forms

Gorgeous 3D origami structures from The Fitful Flog.

Binding papers without a clip or staples

Here is a cute little tutorial from Bloomize; it shows you how to bind papers without staples or clips.

Flower Week: origami flowers

This post is a part of Flower Week on Folding Trees. Every weekday, I will be showcasing different types of paper flowers. You may be surprised at the variety of flowers you can make using different paper craft techniques! If you know of any amazing flower tutorials I should include in my round-up, let me know!

Today I’m going to look at origami flowers. I’d never be able to cover all the varieties of origami flower in one post, so I’ve put together a little sampler to whet your appetite.

Here’s a nice tulip with stem, courtesy of

For the visual learners, YouTube has lots of origami flower videos. For example, here’s a mesmerizing stop-motion animation of the kawasaki rose fold by barbabellaatje:

But if you’d like to make one yourself, you’ll need a more detailed explanation, as in this video by origamifun:

Oriland has lots of pretty flowers and leaves to fold, like these:

If you’re really ambitious, here’s a folding diagram by Peter Budai for a flower with leaves… This is not one to be attempted by the faint of heart! Here’s just one step of many:

Deciphering that diagram would be quite a challenge!

And, of course, don’t forget about the lovely kusadama flowers that Eve made for the Folding Trees tree!

I could go on and on… but I’ll leave it at that. Now go and fold some flowers!

Origami isn’t the only way to make paper flowers… Flower Week continues tomorrow!

Origami in advertising

Advertising Agency TBWA in London (UK) is using origami in their advertising. Let’s hope it works cause we love it! [via Origami Blog]

Hanna Nyman

Swedish product designer hanna nyman has made this beautiful origami light. 

Rubber Origami

Here is an excellent way to make your origami a little more permanent with rubber origami. 

Balloon lights tutorial

Here in New Zealand we are now in the middle of winter, and when playing around with some LED fairy lights I thought I would combine my love for origami and bringing some winter sparkle to our house. And so the balloon lights were born!!

Ok let’s get started with the tutorial!


Fold your lamp

Here is an amazing design by designer: Thomas Hick; it’s an origami light. The sheet comes pre-scored so all you have to do is fold along the dotted lines.

Extreme Origami

Follow this link to see the video by Brian Chan who demonstrates how to fold the MIT seal “Mens et Manus”, his original origami design, and one of the winning entries for the 2006-2007 MIT Origami contest. Absolutely amazing!