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Archive for 'Paper Art'

Paper shoes


Illustrator David Browning from Bristol, UK also has an interest in papercraft, including making pop up books and detailed 3D paper shoe models. Check out his hand made gallery for more paper delights! [via @papercrave on Twitter]

Origami koi pond


I love the different paper colours used to fold these origami koi, designed and folded by Sipho Mabona. And the amazingly graceful stop-motion video instructions are definitely worth watching (although it looks like it would be very complicated to fold one yourself).  [via Whip Up]

Printable Art


Feed your Soul is a free art project that offers a free art download from a different artist every month. Print them off and frame them. Lovely idea! [via How About Orange]

Altered book art


Check out this huge and varied roundup of paper art made by modifying old books. Pictured above is my favourite image from the post, a promotional piece for the Anagram Bookshop in Prague. [Thanks to Sister Diane for the link!]

Paper Art Castle


I’d love to be able to see art student Wataru Itou’s absolutely stunning papercraft art installation Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean ) in person, but as I’m not heading to Toyko any time soon, Tokyobling’s writeup is the next best thing.


I can well believe that this masterpiece took four years to complete – it even contains electrical lights and a moving paper train! Breathtaking.

Jolis Paons


Absolutely gorgeous dress made from recyled phone books by Jolis Paons. This definitely belongs in the paper art category.

Bovey Lee

Hulu Figure, 2006

Today we have another artist feature. Bovey Lee‘s amazingly intricate work is hand cut on Chinese rice paper. Of her work, she says “I contemporize the ancient Chinese folk art of paper cutouts, exploring the universally shared experiences of power, sacrifice, and survival.” 

Tsunami I (detail), 2008

Scott Fife


Here is another example of an amazing paper artist: Scott Fife uses cardboard, glue and screws to transform the ordinary into the absolutely extraordinary. Love this head of Brigit Bardot, have a look here for Bob Dylan, Popeye and LeRoy.

Sarah Kelly


Here is some eye candy for you to feel inspired by or just to admire. Sarah Kelly’s (25) first series of paper jewellery is just stunning – go and check it out!

Lizzie Thomas


Check out newly graduated UK-based paper artist Lizzie Thomas. Lizzie’s beautiful work is “an exploration of narrative, myth and metaphor”, inspired by the use of wood and paper in Japanese spiritual life. Shown here, Hidden Forest: a wooden book holding a hand cut paper pop up scene inside. [via Design*Sponge]