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Archive for 'Papercutting'

Flower Week: something different

This post is a part of Flower Week on Folding Trees. Every weekday, I will be showcasing different types of paper flowers. You may be surprised at the variety of flowers you can make using different paper craft techniques! If you know of any amazing flower tutorials I should include in my round-up, let me know!

After yesterday’s bumper origami flower post, I thought we needed something a bit different today, so I’ve collected some unusual paper flowers here…

I just found this tutorial at to make these cute construction paper flowers (sorry, there wasn’t a photo so this is a screen grab from the video):

These would be great to make with your kids. One thing: if you are planning to make some, I definitely recommend you watch the video, as the printed instructions on the site are a little skimpy if you haven’t seen the video.

This Curly Flower by Inna’s Creations is an interesting twist on a 3D paper snowflake design:

And golics has a video on metacafe for a really easy pop up flower card made from just one sheet of paper! The demo is shown with plain white copy paper, but just imagine how it could look with pretty coloured papers:

One more post to go! Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of Flower Week on Folding Trees!

Pop Mats

We are in love with these PopMats from, made from 100% recyled paper. They come in a set of 10, excellent idea for your next dinner party or maybe you can make something like this yourself..?

Cut paper silhouette

Shannon has written a tutorial on how to cut a paper silhouette on her blog Penultimate Pea. She made one of her baby boy as a gift for the grandparents.

Decorate with Papercuts

papercut decorations

Jeffery Rudell at CraftStylish shows how to use papercut flowers to make beautiful party decorations.


Photo by: baxeto 

So very true…

Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora’s blog is an absolutely magical place. I tried to pick one favourite photo to show you but the eye-candy just keeps going on and on down the page. The paper cutting above is called “Anatomy of a young girl.”

Paper Cutting Magic

Heather at Skinny laMinx has written a fantastic tutorial on paper cutting.